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Have you applied for TIN Number? Then, check the TIN Search process on this page & get the Tax Identification Number. The complete VAT registration process along with the TIN application form are available here. You can also know your TIN number through TIN Number Search by name.The VAT Registration codes of each state and form for Changes in VAT registration pdf format is given in the below sections of this page.

TIN Search – Tax Identification Number

VAT is collected by State government. VAT registration is nothing but applying for the TIN number. TAX/ VAT (valued added tax) is to be paid by every dealer in the sale of products or goods in India. If you are planning to sell on online portals like Amazon and Flipkart it is mandatory to have a TIN number. The Valued added tax is varied from state to state. The Tax identification number is given for all who applied for VAT registration. As a part of VAT registration, you will be given a CST as a part registration process. For registration, you have to pay some deposit amount in some states like Maharastra, Haryana. But in Tamilnadu state, there is no need to deposit money during registration. Therefore, all the dealers who want a TIN number can get all the VAT registration process details and documents required for applying for the TIN number. Just enter the TIN number below and click on search button. Then, within a fraction of seconds then you can get the complete details of the dealer along with the dealer registration status under CST.


CST Search

The CST stands for Central sales Tax. It is a form of Tax which is imposed on the dealers when the goods are sold from one state to another state. It is mandatory to have the TIN number for all the inter-State trade dealers. If you do not have a TIN number you can also check the dealer details using the CST number on our site. You have to select the respective state you belong to. Enter the CTS number and click on submit. Finally, you will get the dealer details. The following are the details you get when you search by CST number.

  • TIN number.
  • CST number.
  • Dealer Name.
  • Dealer Address.
  • State Name.
  • Date of Registration.
  • Dealer Registration Status.


What TIN Number?

The TIN number is 11 digit number allotted for every business entrepreneur who applied for VAT registration. It is issued by Commercial Tax Department. The TIN number is to identify the dealer’s registered under Valued Added Tax. The first 2 digits in the TIN number indicates state code. So, we have given the state wise TIN codes below. VAT is applied for the both sales done between 2 states or within the state. To get that TIN number it may take 25-30 working days.

What is VAT?

The Value Added Tax is commonly known as VAT. It is the sales tax collected by the state government. So, the VAT differs from each state in India. India has the system of collecting sales tax i.e, the tax collected at one point it may be first or last depending upon the sales of goods. But VAT is collected in installments basis from one stage to another. All our the world there are 120 countries who introduced VAT. In some countries, VAT is also called as GST (Goods & service Tax). The calculation of VAT is based on the following methods.

  • credit-invoice/  invoice-based method.
  • Subtraction or accounts-based method.

What is the Need of TIN?

TIN stands for Tax Identification Number and it is mandatory for Manufacturers, traders, dealer to return their Taxes. The TIN number is VAT number when we use for intrastate sales. TIN number is also considered as the CST number. Whether it is a VAT/ CST or TIN only the TIN is required to make your transactions smoothly.

How To Apply For TIN Number? – VAT Registration

The TIN number application is as same as PAN application process. The VAT registration through online is so easy when compared to Offline. Follow the steps given below if you want to apply for TIN or VAT registration through Online.

  • First of all, go to the sales tax department official website of their respective state.
  • Go through the TIN application guidelines and apply for Tax Identification Number.


If you apply TIN through Offline click on the link below and download the VAT application form.

VAT Registration Form

TIN Application Form

Documents Required to Apply For TIN Number

The below-given documents are essential for the VAT Registration registration process.

  • An ID Proof / Address proof / PAN card of the proprietor.
  • Six photographs.
  • Address Proof of Bussiness Entrepreneur.
  • A security reference.
  • 1st Sale / Purchase Invoice, a copy of LR/GR and payment/collection proof with bank statements.

The above mentioned documents for the TIN number may vary from state to state. Refer the official site to get the TIN number list of documents of their respective state.

Statewise TIN Number Codes

State Name State Code First 2 Digits of TIN Code
Andaman and Nicobar Islands 35 AN
Andhra Pradesh 28 AP
Andhra Pradesh (New) 37 AD
Arunachal Pradesh 12 AR
Assam 18 AS
Bihar 10 BH
Chandighar 04 CH
Chattisghar 22 CT
Dadra & Nagar Haveli 26 DN
Daman and Diu 25 DD
Delhi 07 DL
Goa 30 GA
Gujarath 24 GJ
Haryana 06 HR
Himachal Pradesh 02 HP
Jammu & Kashmir 01 JK
Jharkhand 20 JH
Karnataka 29 KA
Kerala 32 KL
Lakshadweep Islands 31 LD
Madhya Pradesh 23 MP
Maharastra 27 MH
Manipur 14 MN
Meghalaya 17 ME
Mizoram 15 MI
Nagaland 13 NL
Odisha 21 OR
Pondicherry 34 PY
Punjab 03 PB
Rajasthan 08 RJ
Sikkim 11 SK
Tamilnadu 33 TN
Telangana 36 TS
Tripura 16 TR
Uttar Pradesh 09 UP
Uttarakhand 05 UT
West Bengal 19 WB

VAT/ TIN Number Search

There are 3 modes for TIN search.

  • Search by TIN.
  • Search by CST Number.
  • Form Verification.

After you apply for the TIN number you have Verify TIN number. TIN search and CST search are same. So we have provided the steps to Know your TIN below. Simply, follow the below steps for TIN number verification.

Search by TIN

  • Firstly, go to the www.tinxsys.com.
  • Click on Dealer/ Form search.
  • Then, you have read the disclaimer carefully.

CST search

  • click on “I agree,” a new window as shown below.

Dealer TIN Search

  • Select one one the above links. If you click on “Search by TIN” the below page will display. Also, make use of the link given below.

Search TIN

Click here search by TIN

  • Enter the TIN number and click on “search”.

Search by CST Number

  • Otherwise, if you “Search by CTS” a new window as shown below will appear.

TIN Number search

Click here to Search by CST

  • For this, you have to select the state, enter CST number and click on search to verify TIN.

Form Verification

  • If you click on “Form verification”, a page displays as shown below.

VAT TIN registration

Click here to Search by Form Number

  • Enter the required details like Form Type, State Name, Series Number and Serial Number and click on “search”.

Changes in VAT Registration

After the VAT registration process, if you want to change the name in VAT registration click on the below-shared link and download the form. You can make the correction in VAT registration using the below form. To get more latest updates regarding the VAT registration and TIN Search keep visiting our site www.trackpancard.com

TIN Application changes

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