PAN Card FAQ’S – Emudhra / NSDL/ UTI PAN Frequenrly Asked Questions

Usually, we all have many doubts regarding PAN Card. If you have no clarity about what is PAN, you may not apply for PAN Card. So, before you apply for PAN card go through this PAN FAQs article to get rid of all doubts. You will find an answer for every question you have on PAN Card. The PAN Card frequently asked questions starting from what is PAN, How to apply for PAN? What is the use of PAN etc., are mentioned in the below sections of the page.


PAN card is a “Permanent account number” issued by Income Tax Department. It is mostly considered as the identity proof for every individual in India or a foreigner. So, it is mandatory to have PAN card. The PAN Card application process is very simple. You can apply for PAN card through Online/ offline mode. If you want to apply for PAN card through offline, you have to fill 49A/ 49AA form. To apply for the PAN card application through online go to the official site of the Income Tax service providers Emudhra/ NSDL/ UTI. The PAN FAQs are as follows.

PAN Card FAQ’s – General PAN FAQs

1. What is PAN Full form?

Permanent Account Number.

2. What is PAN (Permanent Account Number)?

It is a 10 digit alphanumeric number issued by Income Tax Department.

3. Who can apply for PAN?

Every individual can apply for PAN, it is compulsory for all the Tax payers to return taxes to the Income tax department and to make huge financial transactions.

4. Can a minor/ mentally retarded/ deceased apply for PAN?

Yes, all the minors can apply for the PAN card on behalf of a representative assessee. Details of the representative assessee must be provided in item 14 of PAN card application.

5. Is PAN Card mandatory to pay Income Tax?

Yes, PAN Card is mandatory to file Income Tax Return.

6. Is there a need to apply for the PAN if I change my city?

No, the name itself indicates it is a permanent account number there is no need to apply again for PAN. But you have to change the Assessee officer by intimating to the income tax department.

7. I lost my PAN card, Can I apply for New PAN Card?

Fill the form for the request for New PAN and submit at any TIN – FC or NSDL TIN website.

8. How to change name/ address/ Photo ON PAN Card?

Just fill the form for the request for change Photo/ address/ name and submit at any TIN – FC or NSDL TIN website.

9. Can I have more than one PAN?

No, possessing more than one PAN is against the law and have to pay a penalty of Rs. 10, 000/-. So, we suggest you not to have more than 1 PAN card.

10. What should I do if I have two PAN cards?

You have to surrender the additional PAN card to IT department by logging to ITD website. Otherwise, you have to fill the change request application form with all the extra PAN card details.

11. How can I get the assessee office code?

You can get AO details from the IT PAN service centers/ income tax office where you pay tax.

12. What happens if I submit the incomplete 49A form?

Your incomplete PAN application will no be processed.

13. How can I update my data on PAN Card?

You can make use of Know your PAN service to update and reprint the PAN card.

PAN Card FAQ’s on New PAN

1. How to apply for PAN?

You can apply for PAN by filling the 49A/ 49AA form either online/ offline mode.

2. Can I apply for PAN on a plain paper?

No, you have to use only the 49A form to apply for PAN Card.

3. How can I get PAN application form?

You can get the PAN card application form from the NSDL TIN-FC or from the NSDL official website.

4. What is the cost of PAN application form?

No, PAN application form is free of cost. But you have to pay while submitting the application.

5. Where should I submit PAN application form?

Attach the PAN application form to the required documents and submit it to the Income Tax Department, 5th Floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341, Survey No. 997/8, Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune – 411 016).

6. How much should I pay while submitting the PAN Card Application?

You have to Pay Rs. 107/-.

7. What should I receive from the TIN-FC, after I submit PAN application?

You will receive a PAN acknowledgment form with 15 digits acknowledge number.

8. How can I check the PAN card status?

Go to the NSDL TIN website and enter the PAN acknowledgment number get your PAN status.

9. How should I fill the PAN application form?

You have to fill the PAN application form only in English and use a black pen to fill the form.

10. How many Photos are required to apply for PAN Card?

Two photographs with white background should be affixed on the PAN card application form.

11. What are the required documents to submit PAN card application?

Proof of identity (POI), Proof of address (POA), Proof of date of birth (PODB).

12. Can I use the thumb impression instead of Signature?

Yes, you can use the left-hand thumb impression in the place of the signature.

13. Is fathers name is compulsory for married women?

Yes, you have to use only fathers name but not husbands name.

14. Is it mandatory to fill the telephone and email id?

Yes, it is compulsory to enter either the telephone number or Email id.

Reprint of PAN Card / Changes or Corrections in PAN FAQs

1. When should I submit the form for Request for New PAN card/ Changes or corrections in PAN data?

In case you have a PAN and want a New PAN and if you have any changes in existing PAN card.

2. Should I pay any fee for the Request for new PAN card/ Corrections in PAN data?

If the communication address is within India, you have to pay Rs. 107/- otherwise Rs. 994/-.

3. What should I do if I have any corrections in PAN Date?

You have to tick the box of an appropriate column on the left margin of the application form.

4. What are the required documents for submitting PAN request form?

Proof of PAN, Proof of identity, Proof of address.

5. Is it necessary to submit photos along with the PAN change request form?

Yes, 2 passport photos with the white background are essential for PAN card changes.

If there are more doubts on PAN Card or for more PAN FAQs visit our site regularly.

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