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You can get the PAN Card Status here. Just enter your Acknowledgement Number for UTI PAN Card Status. With this page now you can easily verify and know your PAN Application Status. Also, you can get the NSDL PAN Status from here using Name or Acknowledgement Number. Track PAN Card Status by PAN Number by following the below procedure.

PAN Card Status – Online

  • Select application type as PAN – New / Change Request.
  • Enter 15-digit Acknowledgement Number.
  • You can also know PAN Card Status by Name and Date of Birth.
  • Enter the Captcha given in the image.
  • Click on Submit.
  • Finally, Track PAN Card and know your PAN Status.

Enter details to Track your PAN Card Application status

  • In the above field, enter UTI Coupon Number.
  • Click on Search
  • Finally, Check PAN Card Status Online without visiting the official site.

If you applied for PAN Card, it takes 10-15 days for arrival. Meanwhile, you can check for the PAN Status from our site. For that, you have to enter your name or Acknowledge number and click on the submit button. It will show your PAN Online Status directly and there is no need to visit the official website to check the procedure. Also if your PAN Card does not arrive in 10-15 days, then you can also check the PAN status by what reason it has not come.

PAN Card is usually known as a Permanent Account Number. It is a laminated plastic card which holds ten digits alphanumeric number given to each person. For example, AAAPL1234C. The PAN Card is legally acceptable across the country. PAN CARD is one of the identity proof. And now the PAN have become mandatory like driving license, passport, etc. But it also becomes necessary for opening a bank account and also for high-value transactions such as receiving taxable salaries. It is better to have PAN Card.

After applying for a PAN Card, there is no necessity to go Income Tax office for checking the PAN Status. Because Income Tax Department have Provided the Online process to Check the Status of PAN Card by entering your name and Date of Birth. The PAN remains un-effected by any change in address within India. Also, if you lost your PAN Card or if you forget you PAN you can utilize the facility of Know your PAN.

Download PAN application form

You can download the PAN Card application form by any one of these websites.( i.e., from UTI or NSDL) Otherwise, you can go to any PAN Card offices in your city to get application forms. 49A application form can be downloaded to apply for new PAN Card for Indian citizens, and 49AA is downloaded for foreign nationals for new PAN Card.

There is a PAN Card application for new PAN Card or correction forms are also available in online. So, download the PAN Card Application form through online. You can also apply through Online with the required documents for PAN.

 Check or Track your PAN Status

There are different online official sites to check the status of PAN Card from UTI and NSDL. The NSDL is National Securities Depository Limited, provides online PAN Card services. In which, you can apply for new PAN card and correction. The UTIITSL (UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited) is a government-owned company. It also provides the online services for new PAN Card. The Application Fee of both UTI and NSDL is Rs.107/- for new PAN Card and correction on PAN Card.

After applying to PAN, you can check PAN Card Application Status from any one of these service providers. You can know where it is, how many days will it take to deliver, etc. by tracking PAN Card. The applicants those who want to check from the official site can follow these simple steps to track PAN Card Details Online. You can follow any one of the procedures mentioned below.

  1. UTI PAN status
  2. NSDL PAN status
  3. e-Mudhra


By the UTIITSL, you can track your PAN Card Status and PAN Application form for duplicate PAN and correction/change in existing PAN Card. The UTIITSL is Unit Trust of India Infrastructure Technology and services limited. UTI Services Limited has come into existence from the year 1993. The UTI is one of the government-owned Company. UTI Infrastructure Technology and services Limited is large Financial Services providers in India. The UTI is responsible for providing source services and technology to the government sectors in India. The process of checking UTI PAN Status is as follows:

  • To check the UTI PAN Status, you have to visit UTI portal, i.e.
  • Click on PAN Card home.

status of pan

  • Then from left side click on track the PAN Card application status.

UTI Status

  • There you have to click on ‘click here.’So you can check from online.

PANCard Status

  • Here you have to enter your application coupon number in the provided box to track PAN status by UTI.
  • Finally, click on submit button.

UTI PAN Status

  • Otherwise, click the below link to track PAN Card directly.
  • On entering the UTI Coupon Number, the Status appears as shown below.


Click to know UTI PAN Status

NSDL PAN status

The candidates who want to check the NSDL PAN Card Status should follow the steps which mentioned below. The NSDL is National Securities Depositary Limited. NSDL is the first largest depository Services established in 1996. The NSDL aims in providing safety and developing settlements solutions that increase performance and decreases cost and risk. In NSDl we play a key role in developing services and products that help in increasing needs of the financial Industry. The benefits of the National Securities Depositary Limited are it eliminates all risks link with the physical certificates, and NSDL is faster Settlement cycle. Thus, the NSDL PAN Status can verify by following the stepwise procedure.

  • To check the PAN Status by NSDL, you have to open the online portal of NSDL i.e.
  • Select Application type as ‘PAN – New / Change Request’ to know PAN NSDL Status.


  • Enter the  15-digit acknowledge number in the field provided.
  • Then click on submit button you will get the status of the PAN through NSDL.
  • Or click the below link directly you will get the status of PAN Card.

Click here for NSDL PAN Status

PAN Status by Name and DOB

Another simple way to check PAN Status is verifying PAN Application Status by Name. We are providing a simple process to check the status by entering your name and date of Birth. So, follow the below procedure to check your PAN Card Status by name.

  • To check PAN Status by name you have to open the website online portal of NSDL i.e.
  • Then select the Application type as  ‘PAN – New / Change Request’ to Track PAN Card by Name.

Track PAN Card by Name

  • Later enter the Name and Date of birth in the required fields by selecting the options.
  • Click on submit button then you will get the PAN Status.

PAN Card Status

Check here for PAN Status by Name

e-Mudhra PAN Status

Like UTI  and NSDL to track PAN Application Status. e-Mudhra is also one of the service providers to check the PAN Card Status through online. So, follow the steps to track your PAN Card.

  • First of all log into the official website of e-Mudhra
  • Click on Track Application.
  • Then enter your Date of Birth and application number details in the space provided.
  • Lastly, click on submit button to track your PAN Card.

Check here for e-Mudhra PAN Status

Note: The Individuals should check the status of PAN Card only after seven days from the date of submitting the application form.

Finally, by these online websites, you can get the status of PAN Card very easily.

Updated: April 17, 2017 — 11:45 am

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