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You can find all the PAN Card related forms in PDF format here. So, you can simply download New PAN card forms like form 49a, 49aa using the below links. Income Tax department has provided the different PAN Card Forms such as PAN card application (49A), PAN card application for a foreigner (49AA), PAN Card Change Request form, PAN card cancellation form, etc. Along with these, there will be many other PAN verification certificates, PAN verification by gazetted form, PAN employer certificate, PAN Bank certificate links are in the below sections of this page. Therefore, to download a clear PAN forms, we have given all the forms in PDF format. You an advantage of  PAN card form free download.

PAN Card Forms

PAN card is a permanent account number issued by the Income tax department. Only one PAN card is issued for an individual. You all know the PAN card importance in our daily life. So, you have to keep the PAN card safe and secure. While you fill the New PAN application form 49A also you have to fill it carefully. Even though we take care of our PAN card there may be some cases where your need to update the data on PAN card, reprint of PAN, PAN corrections. If you want to apply for PAN card through NSDL you may use UTI pan card form.

Otherwise, if you apply for PAN at NSDL you can download NSDL PAN card form. If you have such issues don’t worry, go through this article and download the lost PAN card form Online related to your problem. If you want to apply Online you can get PAN card online form.

Precaution to be taken while filling PAN Application

  • Signatures on PAN should be correct and clear. If it is improper the application may be rejected.
  • You must use only black ink to fill the New PAN card application form.
  • Use Full names instead of Initials.
  • You have to fill only one letter in each block.
  • Signature/ thumb impression must not cross the box.
  • The photo should be scanned properly. Only use an original photo to scan.
  • If you use any thumb impressions, don’t forget to get attested by the Magistrate.
  • Also, AO details like A.O code, A.O type, A.O range code and A.O number must be mentioned clearly. (Click on the link below to get Jurisdictional A.O code/ details).
  • Name on PAN card application should exactly match with the name on Identity proof.

Follow the above mentioned precautions while filing PAN card application. You can also find the PAN card guidelines on the application form. So, you are advised to read all the PAN Card application instructions.

PAN Application form for foreign citizens 49AA

New PAN Application Form PDF Format
PAN 49A Form PDF PAN Card Application Form 49A
PAN 49AA Form PDF (foreigns)

  PAN Card Correction Form PDF / New PAN/ PAN Request Form

Do you want a new PAN card/ update the existing PAN card/ make changes in PAN?. For that, you need a PAN change form. Just click on the link below and download the PAN correction form and submit it in the nearest TIN-FC. You can make the following 3 changes in PAN data using this form. The below given form is also used for the reprint/ reissue of PAN/ PAN card change form. In case, if you have the lost your PAN form you may use this duplicate pan card form download.

  • Change the name in PAN.
  • Address Change in PAN.
  • Change Photo in PAN.

PAN Correction Form, Changes, Request for New PAN Card

PAN Verification Certificate

In case if you are illiterate you have to fill the signature colour with the left thumb impression. Then, such applicants must attach the attested copy with a seal along with the PAN application form. So, download the below given PAN verification certificate and fill the form carefully and get it attested. As you mention the address on the PAN Card Forms it will also act as a proof of identity and proof of address for PAN.

Verification certificate Form by gazetted officer

Employer Certificate for PAN

This employer certificate is used as a PAN address proof. If you are an employee in an organization, you can use the address of the organization as the PAN card address proof. Just simply download the PDF form given below, fill the form carefully and get a sign on it and stamped by the head of the organization.

Employer certificate for PAN

Bank Certificate for PAN

The bank certificate form also acts as the proof of identity. Simply, click on the link and download the form. Mention the address of your bank branch, bank account number of the applicant in the form and get sign from the concerned officer. Then, You need to attach the bank PAN card application form online to the bank certificate.

Bank Certificate for PAN

State wise Jurisdictional A.O Details

State Name  A.O Ward/ Range/ A.O wise Jurisdiction Details
Andaman & Nicobar  Andaman & Nicobar Jurisdictional Details
 Andhra Pradesh  Andhra Pradesh jurisdiction Details
 Arunachal Pradesh  Arunachal Pradesh A.O Details
 Assam  Assam Jurisdictional Details
 Bihar  Bihar & Jharkhand jurisdiction Details
 Chandigarh  Chandigarh Jurisdictional AO Details
 Chattisgarh  Chattisghar jurisdiction Details
 Dadra & Nagar Haveli  Dadra & Nagar Haveli jurisdiction-Details
 Daman & Diu  Daman & Diu jurisdiction Details
Delhi  Delhi New jurisdiction Details
Goa  Goa jurisdictional AO Details
Gujarath Gujarat jurisdictional A.O Details
Haryana  Haryana jurisdiction Details
Himachal Pradesh  Himachal Pradesh jurisdiction Details
Jammu & Kashmir  Jammu & Kashmir jurisdiction-Details
Jharkhand  Jharkhand jurisdiction Details
Karnataka  Karnataka jurisdiction A.O Details
Kerala  Kerala jurisdictional A.O Details
Lakshasweep  Lakshadweep jurisdiction Details
Madhya Pradesh  Madhya Pradesh jurisdiction Details
Maharastra – Mumbai  Maharastra Mumbai jurisdiction AO Details
Maharastra – Nagapur  Maharastra Nagpur jurisdiction Details
Maharastra – Pune  Maharastra Pune jurisdiction Details
Manipur  Manipur jurisdiction Details
Meghalaya Meghalaya jurisdiction Details
Mizoram  Mizoram jurisdiction Details
Nagaland  Nagaland jurisdiction Details
Odisha  Odisha jurisdiction Details
Puducherry  Puducherry jurisdiction Details
Punjab  Punjab jurisdiction Details
Rajasthan  Rajasthan jurisdiction Details
Sikkim  Sikkim jurisdiction Details
Tamilnadu  Tamilnadu jurisdiction Details
Telangana  Telangana jurisdiction Details
Tripura  Tripura jurisdiction Details
Uttar Pradesh (East)  Uttar Pradesh East jurisdiction Details
Uttar Pradesh (West)  Uttar Pradesh West jurisdiction Details
Uttarakhand  Uttarakhand jurisdiction Details
West Bengal  West Bengal jurisdiction Details

From the above table, you can get the Jurisdictional A.O details of each state in detail. The PAN Jurisdictional details required to fill the PAN application form. Click on the link to get your respective state A.O and Know your Jurisdiction A.O address and A.O name. You can also download the PDF form and search your A.O details. You will find the Assessee officer for all the cities in the state in that PDF. For more updates regarding the PAN Card Forms, keep visiting our site www.trackpancard.com

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