How to Know your PAN Status | Know PAN Number by Name and DOB

If you want to Know your PAN number instantly without the help of PAN Card then you can utilize this Know Your PAN application. Also, when you lost your PAN or if you want to make PAN card trace, you could easily find PAN number with this facility. Read the article carefully to get your PAN Card number search along with Name, Jurisdiction, etc. You can directly get your PAN Number by simply entering your name on this page. So, try it now to know your Permanent Account Number and know PAN Card status.

PAN Card Details

Date Of Birth
First Name
Middle Name

Know your PAN Number

PAN means Permanent Account Number. PAN Cards can identify the taxpayers in our country. Nowadays PAN card no details are mandatory for opening bank accounts, professional fee, assets of sale, driving license and passport. In addition to this, PAN card is an essential identification proof for every citizen. So, PAN is very important for everyone. If anyone wants a new landline telephone connection, mobile phone, depositing above 50,000/- cash, and High-value transactions, PAN card is compulsory. Hence the usage of PAN is increasing daily, the Central Government introduced a new online service called KNOW YOUR PAN for newly applied and existing PAN Holders.

Whenever you lost your PAN or forgot your PAN card number or left your PAN Card at home, you can easily find PAN number just by entering some details on our site. Furthermore, with the help of this PAN number, you can apply for duplicate PAN Card in case you lost your PAN. You can know your PAN Status by your date of birth and name. We are providing simple steps to know PAN status and also the direct link for knowing your PAN card status. With this PAN Card status, you can track PAN card by PAN card number. Therefore, to know those details follow the below sections. Also, you can get PAN card details by PAN Number.

Know your PAN

Know your PAN Card Number by Name and Date of Birth

PAN number is represented as 10 characters alpha – numeric issued by the Indian Income Tax under 1961 Act. You can apply for PAN Card through online. Once if you applied for PAN Card, it would take 10 to 15 days for you to collect the PAN Card. So, the people who want to know their PAN status can get their pan number by simply entering your personal details like date of birth, surname, and other @ Hence, follow the below steps carefully to know more details.

PAN card is important for every government and non-government employee. So, the applicants who want to know their PAN Card Number through the official site can check from the below steps. Most of the people don’t know how to know their PAN Number without PAN Card. So, those people have to read the given information carefully. For the sake of the applicants, we are providing some easy steps. Therefore, the applicants of PAN card or PAN Card Holders have to follow the mentioned steps to know their PAN Card Number and other details. With this PAN Number check, you can also Know your Jurisdiction.

Click here to Know Your Jurisdiction Click here to Know Your TAN

Login to Know your PAN by Name – Registered User

First of all, to Know your PAN by name, you need to Login using User ID and Password. The step-wise process to Login is as follows. If you are a New User follow the registration steps mentioned below.

  • Visit the official site or click the link provided below.
  • There on the left side, you can find the services that the IT department is providing.

Know your PAN TAN AO

  • Click on ‘Know your PAN’. As a result, the login page appears as shown below.

Know Your PAN Login

  • On Entering your User ID, it asks for Date of Birth also.

Know Your PAN Card Login

  • Enter Password, Date of Birth and Captcha Code shown in the image.
  • Click on Login and finally know your PAN Card detail using PAN number.

Click here to Login

Note: Also, note that the User ID to Login is PAN Number of Tax Payee to know your PAN No.

Registration Process to Know your PAN Status for New User

If you are not a registered person, you need to register to get the User ID and Password. Already registered persons can check the above login process to Know PAN Details.

  • Visit the official website or click the link provided above.
  • There on the left side, click on ‘Know your PAN’ in the Services block.

Know your PAN TAN AO

  • As a result, the login page appears as shown below.

Registration for PAN

  • Now the Registration Form will be displayed.
  • Select the User Type i.e., whether you are an Individual or HUF or Company or Firm or etc., and click on Continue as shown below.

PAN Registration

Step 1 to find PAN Number:

On clicking continue, it asks your Basic details like PAN, Surname, Middle Name, First Name, and Date of Birth. The PAN, Surname, and Date of Birth are mandatory. Therefore, give those required details and click on Continue.

PAN Registration Form

Step 2 to know your PAN by PAN no:

Now, Enter the Password Details, Contact Details, Current Address and Captcha Code as shown in the image and click on Continue. The Password should contain Number, Alphabet, and Special Character.

PAN Card Registration

Step 3 for PAN Card no search:

In conclusion, here it gives the Transaction ID and asks for activation.

PAN Card New Registration

  • The activation link will be sent to your E-Mail ID that was given in the process of registration. So, Click on that link. Consequently, it asks for the OTP.
  • Enter the OTP that was sent to your Mobile Number that was given in the PAN registration Form.

PAN Card New User Registration

  • Finally, Click on submit to know PAN details by PAN number. Then the User ID will be successfully activated.

New User PAN Registration

  • Now, click on Login to Know your PAN Details and enter the User ID, Password, and Date of Birth and follow the login process that is mentioned below.

Steps to Know your PAN Details –

The people who want to know PAN Number Without PAN card through the official website can follow the below steps. Furthermore, for the sake of PAN Holders, we are providing some simple steps that are to be followed at the official site.

  • Go to the official website – or click on the link given below.
  • Search for the Know your PAN on the left side of the page and click on it.
  • Login to your account using Login Details.
  • As a result, Know your PAN form appears on the screen.
  • Enter your Date of birth details DD/MM/YYYY as per the column.
  • After that enter your surname.
  • Date of Birth and Surname are mandatory for getting your PAN Details.
  • Type the displayed captcha code in the form.

Know your PAN Card

  • Click on submit button.
  • Finally, your PAN card details from PAN card number displayed on the screen.

Know your PAN Number

  • You can also type your middle name.
  • Enter your last name without any mistakes.
  • Then enter the appeared Captcha Code on the block.
  • Type the captcha code correctly. Otherwise, you can’t Know your PAN Card Number.

Know ur PAN

  • Finally, click submit button.
  • If multiple records are there with the surname it requires additional information as shown in the below image.

Know Your PAN

  • Enter Father’s first name, middle name and surname and also enter the captcha code.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • Finally, a new page with your PAN details appears on the screen.

Click here to check your PAN Card Number

Know your PAN or PAN Card Verification –

  1. Visit to know ur PAN /for Online PAN Verification or Click Here.
  2. It provides a link that redirects you to the So, click on that Link.
  3. Provide the details like Name and also DOB/Date of Incorporation of PAN Holder.
  4. Enter the Captcha Code and click on Submit.
  5. If the query matches the data in its database, it displays your PAN Number along with Jurisdiction or it displays ‘No results found’.
  6. If you have entered only the surname and if there are multiple records of that surname, then it asks for more details like Father Surname and First Name, etc and captcha code.

How to make Bulk PAN Verification

  1. Visit Income Tax India e-filing website,
  2. Register as Bulk PAN Verification Agency.
  3. Now, go to Bulk PAN query and upload your query in a specified format.
  4. Click on Submit.
  5. Therefore, the Token Number will be generated.
  6. Finally, for the query uploaded, the PAN Status will be displayed.

This Bulk PAN Verification Online is for Government and Non-Government agencies. So, those agencies can make Bulk PAN Verification.

Online PAN Bulk Verification –

This is another option for Online PAN Verification for approved Government and Non-Government agencies. This option is based on ‘User pays’ model i.e., on chargeable basis. Here, the PAN Bulk Verification is done on File based, Screen based, and Software (API i.e., Server to Server talk) based. You can also make PAN Online Bulk Verification at NSDL and /or UTIITSL. Therefore, My UTIITSL PAN Verification Process is as follows.

  1. Visit or Click Here.
  2. Enter the User Name and Password.
  3. Click on Sign-In and finally make your Online PAN Bulk Verification.
  4. Here, the Information will be verified against CBDT.

The people who applied for Permanent Account Number(PAN) can see their PAN card details by following the above procedures. Also, you can get the PAN card details from PAN number. Therefore, the applicants can get full information on this page. In this article, we have given updated information. So, read carefully and know ur PAN card details by name and date of birth. There is an only facility to Know PAN Number by Name and Date of Birth, PAN Number. You can’t find PAN number details with Address. Also, follow our site to know more details about PAN Card.

Updated: April 17, 2017 — 11:48 am


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  1. Hi,
    Until January, Know your Pan link was functional. From Feb 2017, Know Your PAN link takes you to login screen. Once you login, it takes you to dashboard which relates to filing returns / cash deposits. Am not able to locate the KNOW YOUR PAN link post login. Very thankful if you can guide me on this. My objective is to enter DOB & Surname to get PAN details. Thanks

  2. Nice information. If someone applied for PAN card and want to know their PAN card status, then you can know by various tactics. You can Know Your PAN by Name, by DOB and by acknowledged no.

  3. what is process for know your pan

    1. Enter your Date of Birth, Name, and Captcha and click on Submit.
      This is the old process of Know your PAN. Now the official site is asking for registration and login. Check the above mentioned detailed process.

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