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Search by PAN is nothing but Know your Jurisdiction details. Now, there is no need for you to go to the Income Tax Department Official site/ NSDL. Because we provide you with the direct Search by PAN option. Just enter PAN number (Permanent Account Number) and know your Jurisdiction details. Enter the 10 alpha-numeric PAN Card number in the block below. Then, you have to enter the captcha code carefully and click on “search now” button. Your complete PAN Jurisdiction A.O details will be obtained.

Check the process to Know your Jurisdiction of PAN. Know your PAN Jurisdiction is the online process to get the details of your PAN card Jurisdictional Assessing Officer. To know your PAN AO Jurisdiction simply follow the steps given in the below sections of this article regarding Search Pan AO code. Just enter the PAN Card number and Know your PAN Jurisdiction details on this page. We have also shared the direct links to Know your Income Tax jurisdiction through the official site.

PAN Jurisdiction

Enter Pan No

How to Know Your Jurisdiction

Everyone who applied for the PAN card can “Know your PAN”, “Know PAN Card Jurisdiction” and check PAN Card Status. We all know that the PAN Card is issued by the Income Tax Department. This department provided the facility to Know your pan jurisdiction AO along with the Know your PAN. The Jurisdiction PAN AO details are very important for the taxpayers. As it takes some time to receive your PAN Card, this Jurisdiction of PAN Card will help you to know the Jurisdictional details like AO Type, AO Number, Ward, Range Code, Building Name etc. Therefore, check out how to know Jurisdiction of PAN from this Page. You can also know How to find Jurisdictional Assessee Officer, Income Tax and Building Name in the below sections.

Why Should we Know PAN Card Jurisdiction?

The PAN Jurisdiction AO code i.e., Permanent Account Number Jurisdiction Assessing Officier code is mandatory for all the taxpayers in India. PAN Card Jurisdiction plays a vital role to pay taxes. The PAN Jurisdiction contains AO Code, AO Type, Range Code, AO number. To file IT returns this PAN Jurisdiction AO code is necessary. The CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) recently changed the jurisdiction of many assessee/ Tax Payers. So, all the tax Payers need to Know your Tax Jurisdictional Assessing Officer Code. When you apply for the PAN card you have to enter PAN AO code.

The income tax processing will be done by the PAN Assessing Officer. So, it is necessary to Know your AO code, Range Code, Building Name, PAN circle code etc. For example, If you are living in Pune and have applied for a pan card while living there, then your Jurisdiction will be the Income Tax Officer of Pune.

Know your Jurisdiction

What is PAN Jurisdiction AO Code?

According to the Income-tax department, the AO Code is your area Jurisdiction code. The IT department has given some particular codes to each area in all cities to know the range of the Income Tax returns easily. So, there is a need for every Taxpayer to know Jurisdiction PAN AO code.

Know your PAN Jurisdiction

What is PAN Jurisdiction/ Range/ Income Tax Ward?

All over India, there are lakhs of Taxpayers. So, Income tax department appointed many Income Tax Officers in all cities. Hence, taxpayers must pay their income tax returns to the Income Tax Officers i.e, Jurisdiction AO. Each PAN Jurisdiction AO is appointed for a specified area and category. So, all the tax payers have to pay their Income tax returns to the concerned PAN jurisdictional AO only. Therefore, every AO will be given Jurisdiction PAN AO code. A Separate AO code is assigned for all each PAN Jurisdiction AO. The AO code for PAN number contains Range/ Income Tax Ward, Building name, etc. Therefore, all the taxpayers need to follow the procedure given below to know the A.O. Code and Assessing Officer Type for a PAN card application.

Click here to Know Your TAN Click here to Know Your PAN

Know your Jurisdiction AO / Verify your PAN card by PAN Number

If you have you recently applied for PAN card and didn’t know your PAN number, get your PAN number by clicking on the Know Your PAN link available on this page. Just enter the date of birth, surname and click on submit button. Your PAN card number will be generated in a fraction of seconds. Now, using that PAN number Know PAN jurisdiction details.

In PAN Card Status or ‘Know your PAN’ you won’t get Jurisdiction details. So, you need to Know your PAN Jurisdiction by using your PAN Number. The process to know your AO is described below in detail. Follow these simple steps and Know your Jurisdiction AO within seconds. Previously, there is a possibility to check the PAN Jurisdiction without registering. But now those services like Know your Jurisdiction | PAN | TAN are not available without registration or login. So, you need to register and login to know your AO details. If you don’t know how to login or register then follow these simple steps and Know your Jurisdiction AO.

Login to Know your Jurisdiction AO for Registered User

The PAN Holders who want to know your AO can check the following steps from the official Website. The Stepwise Know your Jurisdiction Login procedure is mentioned below.

  • First, go the official website i.e. or click on the link given below.
  • Then on the left side, you will find the services. So in those services, you have to search for Know your PAN/TAN/A.O.
  • After that, you have to click on the A.O.

Know Your Jurisdiction AO

  • Later you will get a page. So on that page, you have to enter the login ID, Password, and Date of Birth details.

Know Your PAN Card Login

  • Then enter the Cache code and press login button.
  • Finally, you can know your Jurisdiction A.O details.

Click here to Login

Note: User ID for Know Your AO Login is PAN of Tax Payee.

Registration Steps to Know your AO for New User

In the above mention steps, you have to enter the details like Login ID and Password. For that, you should have your own account. From that account, you can enter the Login ID and Password Details. If you don’t have any account then you must create your account to know your PAN Jurisdictional AO.

  • In the login page, you have to click on Register Now which is shown below.

Registration for PAN

  • Then it opens a registration form where you have to select your User Type.

PAN Registration

  • After that, you have to click on the Continue Button.
  • Later it opens Registration form for selected User Type. If you selected Individual in the above step, then it opens Individual Registration form.

PAN Registration Form

  • Enter the Basic Details like PAN Number, Surname and Date of Birth which is mandatory.You can also enter the Middle Name and First Name. Now, click on continue.
  • Now, enter the Password, Contact Details, Address Details, and Captcha Code. The Password should contain Number, Special Character, and Alphabet.

PAN Card Registration

  • Then click on submit button. You will get your Transaction ID number, your Mail id and Phone number which is mentioned in the application form.

PAN Card New Registration

  • Next, you have to open your mail account and should activate the link received in your mail account.
  • Also, you should enter the OTP Pin received in your mobile Number.

PAN Card New User Registration

  • Then Click on Submit button.
  • Later it shows that the User ID is successfully activated.

New User PAN Registration

  • Click on Login, and follow the login process that is mentioned below and know your Jurisdiction.

How to Know your PAN Jurisdiction AO

  1. First of all, go to the official website of Income Tax or click on the link below.
  2. The left side of the Income tax official site you will find all the services provided by the Income Tax department.
  3. You will find Know your PAN | TAN | A.O.
  4. Carefully Click on the “A.O” link.
  5. Then, a login page appears.
  6. Login with User Name and Password.Know Your PAN Card Jurisdiction
  7. Now, Enter the PAN Number, Captcha code and click on search button.
  8. Then you can “know your Jurisdiction PAN details”.

Know Your Jurisdiction

Click here to Know your PAN Card Jurisdiction A.O

The Income taxpayers who want to know PAN jurisdiction through the official site can follow this Stepwise procedure and know your Jurisdiction AO details.

Note: You need to enter all these required details within 15 minutes or else your session will be expired after 15 minutes of inactivity. If that happened, just reload the Know your Jurisdiction page and again enter the details.

Know your Jurisdictional AO Building Name

  • Go to the Income tax official website or click on the direct link below to Know your Income Tax Ward.

PAN Jurisdiction

  • Then a page displays with the all the states in India.

Know your PAN Jurisdiction Building

  • Now, select the state you belong.
  • A Jurisdictional details PDF will be open, which contains Jurisdictional details.
  • From that pdf, Know your Jurisdictional Building Name.
  • The Pdf contains PAN Jurisdictional details like AO wise Jurisdiction, Ward/ Circle, Range etc.
  • Thus, you can know your AO as per your state.

Click here to Know Jurisdiction Building

Once you know your Jurisdictional A.O building address, it will be easy for all the taxpayers to meet the Jurisdictional A.O Officer. All the Income taxpayers must submit the proper documents to the Jurisdictional A.O. After you pay the Income tax returns, the acknowledge will be given to the taxpayers. The acknowledgment is a very important document which indicates that you have paid the tax to the Income tax department. So, all the Income taxpayers need to keep the original acknowledgment copy safe. Therefore, to submit the acknowledgment, take two copies of acknowledgment. Then submit all the required documents to the PAN jurisdiction A.O.

How to Change Assessing Officer & Income Tax Jurisdiction?

The change of assessing officer is a typical process of Income Tax Returns, which is done by Central Processing Cell, Bangalore. Note that the Change of address details in PAN card database will not change your Jurisdiction. In case if you shift from one place to other for working purpose or if you are women there may be a need to change the address in PAN Card after marriage. So in those cases, there is a need to change Jurisdictional A.O. For example, if you shift from Andhra Pradesh to Tamilnadu, you have to change your PAN Jurisdiction A.O from AP to Tamilnadu.

On changing the details on PAN Card, the jurisdiction will not change automatically. The Assessing Officer will be the same if you need to change the PAN Card Details. So, Taxpayers have to submit a written application to the current existing Jurisdictional Income-tax Officer, informing them about their transfer. Then new Jurisdictional A.O contacts the old PAN Jurisdictional A.O to confirm your process transfer of PAN to new A.O.

Important points to be noted while changing your Income Tax  Jurisdiction Assessing Officer

  • Must file Six copies of the application.
  • Send the application form to the A.O, CIT.
  • Your file should be transferred at any stage, even if the assessment is pending.
  • When the file is transferred, the Demand or Refund of Tax can be collected/refunded by the new assessing officer.
  • The total processing will be done by Central Processing Centre, Bangalore.

You can also find all the details regarding the Permanent account number (PAN) card on our site. So, to get any information about the PAN know your Jurisdiction/ Know your PAN/ How to know your AO etc keep visiting our site If you have any queries, let us know through comments or you can also check PAN Frequently Asked Questions here.

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    1. For Example, Mr. Poonam Ravi Narayan is applying for PAN, the first name will be ‘POONAM’ middle name will be ‘RAVI’ and Surname will be ‘NARAYAN’. For more information read the Instructions to fill PAN Application

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    1. To know your Jurisdiction by district, check the PDF file for your respected state. Click here for PAN Jurisdiction Forms PDF

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