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Are you searching for the PAN card details? You can get the complete details regarding the Permanent Account Number such as PAN card price, benefits, how to apply for PAN, Online & Offline (49A) Application Process, Know your PAN, Know your Jurisdiction, UTI PAN card status, Duplicate PAN Application, PAN card Cancellation, corrections in PAN etc. If you have already applied for the PAN card, you can just click on “Know your PAN,” “Know your Jurisdiction” and get your PAN Card Details.

PAN Card Details

Full form of PAN is “Permanent Account Number“. PAN card contains your details like permanent account number, PAN card holder name, photo, signature, DOB and father’s name. PAN card number is a unique 10 digit number. Every Indian citizen who pays tax must compulsorily have the PAN card. PAN card is mandatory for all the Tax Payers/ assessee in India. It also serves as one of the important Identity Proofs. Also with the help of PAN Card, you can open a bank account. So, all the people who don’t have the PAN card immediately apply for UTI/ NSDL PAN. The Income Tax department issues the PAN card under the supervision of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT).

PAN Card Details

Importance/ Benefits of PAN Card

  • PAN card is a mandatory document in the process of bank/ demate account opening.
  • PAN number is essential to make deposits more than Rs. 50, 000/-.
  • PAN is mandatory for all the Tax Paments.
  • It is mandatory to purchase automobiles/ bankers drafts/ shares that exceed one lakh.
  • PAN card is one of the important id proofs as it contains cardholder name, address, photo.
  • The PAN card number is unique, so there is no chance of miss use when it is lost.
  • To get a cell phone or land line connection.
  • It is the best Photo identity proof.

Permanent Account Number

The Indian Income Tax department issues PAN card under section 139A of Income Tax Act. Permanent Account Number is a code which acts as identification of Indian nationals, especially those who pay income tax. The PAN card number plays a vital role. Because the number itself is sufficient in some cases. So, we advise you to remember the PAN card number. If you know the PAN structure, you can easily remember your Permanent Account Number. The PAN structure is clearly explained below. Permanent Account Number has four numeric digits and six characters.

PAN Structure: ABCBA1245R (eg)

  • First 3 letters in PAN card are sequences of alphabets.
  • 4th Character in PAN denotes the type of Cardholder.

The type of cardholder for each character are specified below.

A- Association of Persons (AOP).

B- Body of Individuals (BOI).

C- Company.

F- Firm.

G- Government.

H- HUF (Hindu Undivided Family).

L- Local Authority.

J- Artificial Juridical Person.

P- Individual.

T- AOP (Trust).

K- Krish (Trust Krish).

PAN Card Application

Income Tax Department has provided the facility to apply for PAN card through Online/ Offline. Chek both the PAN application processes on this page and apply offline/ Online based on your availability. The PAN card application form is available on our page. The PAN card application form 49A for Indian citizens and PAN card Application form 49AA is for foreign citizens. Income tax department has some service providers who issue the PAN card, those are NSDL/ UTIITSL/Emudhra. So, you can make use of any one of the sites and apply online for PAN. You have to submit some documents along with the PAN application form. Therefore, we have mentioned the list of required documents to apply for PAN card. Also, the candidates can check PAN Card Application Status from here.

Download PAN card 49A application form

PAN Card Application Form

Income Tax department has categorized the PAN Card application form into 2 different forms. The 49A form is for the Indian citizens and the form 49AA is for the foreign citizens or NRI’s. So, carefully check the application forms while you are submitting. You can get both the Offline PAN Card application forms from the below table.

PAN Card Online Application Form
 Format PAN Application Form
 PDF PAN application Form 49A PDF
PDF PAN Card Application Form 49AA PDF

The other important thing you have to remember is, you have to select the category of the applicant while applying PAN. Therefore we have mentioned the categories of PAN card holders below.

  • Individual.
  • Local Authority.
  • Company.
  • Trust.
  • Government Agency.
  • Limited Liability Partnership.
  • Artificial Judicial Person.
  • Association of persons.
  • Body of Individuals.
  • Hindu undivided family.
  • Partnership firm.

  Documents Required for PAN Card

Indians/HUF must Submit the following Documents

  • Identity Proof (Adhar card/driving license/ voter card etc).
  • Date of birth Proof.
  • Two recent passport size photos.
  • Residential Address Proof.

Foreign Citizens have to Submit the following Documents

  • Identity & Address Proof.
  • Passport Copy.
  • PIO (Person of Indian Origin) copy issued by govt of India.
  • OCI (Overseas citizen of India) copy issued by GOI.

List of required documents to apply for PAN card

PAN Card Fees Details

To get the Permanent Account Number you have to pay some amount while you submit your PAN card application. The PAN card Application fee is Rs. 105/- and additional bank charges. If you want to send the PAN card outside of India, PAN card price is Rs. 971/-. The following are the modes of PAN card Online Payment.

  • Demand Draft.
  • Credit/ Debit card.
  • Net banking Payment.

Track PAN Card Status

After you apply for PAN card it takes 15-20 days to receive your PAN through speed/ registered post. Meanwhile, you can get the Permanent Account Number by checking the PAN card status. There are various official sites to check the PAN card status like UTI, NSDL, but to save your time we have provided the facility to check the PAN card status directly on our site. Just click on the “Search PAN” button at the top of this page and verify your PAN card status.

UTI PAN Card Status

PAN card status is nothing but the estimating the number of days it takes to reach us. You check the UTI PAN status from our page directly. UTIITSL is abbreviated as the Unit trust of India Infrastructure Technology service limited. Nowadays we can check anything using the internet. In the same way without going to the Income Tax office or NSDL office/ TIN – FC, you can just click on the direct link available on our site and get UTI PAN card status. You have to enter the application coupon number or 10 digit PAN number to track UTI PAN status. After entering the required UTI PAN card details click on submit button. Now, applicants can track PAN Card status UTI and check the PAN Card Details.

Click here to check UTI PAN Status

NSDL PAN Card Status

All the PAN card applicants who applied for the PAN card through NSDL or any other offline modes can check the PAN card status NSDL. Applicants can also verify the NSDL PAN status on this page directly. The PAN card details to be entered while tracking the NSDL PAN status are acknowledgment number, name, DOB and click on submit button. To get the complete details about how to check PAN card status is available on our site.

Click here to check NSDL PAN Status

PAN Card Status by Name and Date of Birth

Are you worried about the lost PAN acknowledgment? Don’t worry you can check the PAN card details by just entering the PAN holder name and date of birth on our site. Look at the top of this page, you will find “search by name” option. Click on that and track PAN card using name and DOB. Every PAN card applicant who applied for the PAN card through online and Offline can verify their PAN card status on our site. To get a detailed idea of how to track the PAN status by name click on the link available below.

Click here to check PAN status by Name

If you want to check PAN Status by any other service like e-Mudhra, etc. Click Here to Track PAN Card Status.

Know your Jurisdiction or Search by PAN

To get your Jurisdiction A.O details you have to “Know your PAN Jurisdiction”. The PAN jurisdiction contains all the Assessee officer details such as A.O code, ward name, A.O building address, Range etc. Know your PAN Jurisdiction is also referred as verify PAN by PAN number. To pay income tax all the assessee have to visit the assessee, so there is a need to know your Jurisdiction details. You can find complete details of the PAN jurisdiction on our site. You can also click on “Search by PAN” at the top this page and enter PAN number to get Jurisdiction details.

Click here to Know your Jurisdiction

Know your PAN or Search by Name

After you apply for PAN card, you can check the Permanent account number within 10 days. In case if you have forgotten to take PAN card along with you, you can also Know your permanent account number. Know your PAN is nothing but the searching your PAN number using your name and date of birth. You can easily know your PAN Status Details like PAN card number, Jurisdiction, surname, first name, middle name and remarks through PAN Search by name.

Click here to Know your PAN

How to apply for Duplicate PAN Card?

Have you lost you PAN card? Immediately apply for new PAN card. Duplicate PAN is also called as Second original PAN card. Steps to apply for the PAN Card Duplicate are provided on our site. As per the Income Tax department, only one PAN card/ PAN number is issued for a single assessee. In case if your PAN card is damaged or lost you can apply for the New PAN card again. All the taxpayers will regularly use the PAN card for their transactions and deposits. So, the details on the PAN card may not be visible due to regular use. In such cases also you can apply for second original PAN card.

Then the Income Tax department reissues the PAN card with the same PAN card number. All the required documents for duplicate PAN card & Duplicate PAN card application form are available on our site. Then, within few days the Income Tax department will reprint the PAN card and send it to the communication address mentioned in the PAN application through reg/ speed post. If necessary all the duplicate PAN card applicants can check the PAN Card status by clicking on the “PAN status” at the top of this page. You can Entire Duplicate PAN card Details on our site.

Click here to apply for Duplicate/ Second original PAN Card

PAN Card Correction

Once you receive the PAN card, all the PAN card holders must check the PAN details on it. Because there may be some mistakes while printing the PAN card. So, the Income tax department has given the opportunity to make changes in the PAN card you already have. The 3 major changes in the PAN card are Name, Address, photo. Therefore we have provided the entire details about “How to change Name in PAN”, “How to change the address in PAN card”,” How to change the photo in PAN card. Therefore, all the willing applicants who want to make corrections in PAN card can find the PAN card application process on our site. If you have applied for the PAN card through offline, you can also make changes in the PAN card Details. The change request form is also the same as PAN application form 49A.

How to Change Name in PAN Card?

The Name Change in PAN Card is a very simple process. Among all the details on PAN card, the most important thing is PAN holder name. Even the spelling mistake in your name must be corrected. So, all the PAN card holders with the name mistake must apply for corrections in PAN. Change Request PAN application form is available on our site. If you don’t know the process to change the name click on the link below and go through it. The name change on PAN card can be made through the both online and offline modes. But, remember that you have to tick the change request block if you apply through online. In case if you apply for name changes through offline, the envelope of the PAN card application must be “PAN change request”.

Click here to change name in PAN card

How to Change of Address in PAN Card?

Many people apply for PAN Card with their temporary address. Only a few people are applying with their permanent address. If a situation comes to change address in PAN Card the applicants can apply for PAN Change Request form.  If the case of any mistakes misprinted on your Permanent Account Number you can change them. The Indian Government issued new services for the PAN Card Holders. By using those services the applicants can easily change their address in the PAN Card. The applicants have to fill the PAN Change Request Form without any mistakes to Change their address in the PAN card. After changing the address you will receive a new PAN card with the same PAN Number. After applying for the PAN Card you will receive an acknowledgment number to your email id.  You can also check your PAN card status on our site.

Click here to change address in PAN card

How to Change Photo in PAN Card?

The PAN card contain the PAN holder photograph. The photograph is as important as the Permanent account number and name. If you find an unclear image on the PAN card you can apply for PAN change request. Steps to apply for photo Change in PAN card is available on our site. If you want to apply for the PAN photo change request through offline, you can simply fill the change request form and write PAN Change Request on the top of the PAN application form. Therefore, you need to go to the nearest PAN/ NSDL centers and submit the form along with required documents.

Click here to change photo in PAN card

Guidelines to Submit PAN Card Application

Applicants who are going to apply for the PAN card are advised to go through the PAN Card Details along with guidelines given below.

  • All th applicants must fill the 49A form Online/ offline and submit the form.
  • After you fill the form if you find any errors, rectify them and resubmit the PAN application (49A/49AA) form.
  • The Confirmation screen will be displayed after the applicant fills the 49A form.
  • The Applicant may confirm the same or edit the PAN application form.
  • Afer the final submission, the acknowledge will be displayed.
  • The acknowledge is a 10 digit unique number, which is useful to check the PAN number. So, all the applicants are suggested to take a print out of the acknowledgment and keep it safe.
  • The photograph of the PAN card holder must be a recent color photograph with a white background.
  • It is mandatory to submit two photographs.
  • The size of the photograph is specified as 3.5 cm*2.5 cm.
  • Make sure that photograph is clear because the application will be rejected with the improper image.
  • The signature/ left thumb impression must be within the provided box only.
  • If the PAN applicant is nonindividual, the application is signed by the authorized signatory.
  • In case if you enter Aadhaar card number in the application form, you have to submit proof of Aadhaar along with the required documents
  • If you select the Aadhaar card as the proof of identity it is mandatory to enter the Aadhaar number.
  • If the PAN applicant is a minor Aadhaar of the minor should be entered.
  • The PAN card application fee is based on the address mentioned in the PAN application form. If the communication address is within India the PAN card price is Rs. 107/- and if outside of India the PAN application fee is Rs. 994/-.
  • PAN card application fee payment is through Net banking the additional surcharge will be Rs. 4/-.
  • For furthermore, PAN Card Details

PAN call center number: 020 – 27218080, Fax: 020 – 27218081.

Email id:


Income Tax PAN service unit,

5th floor,

Mantri sterling,

Plot no: 341, Survey No. 997/8,

Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk,

Pune – 411016.

Instructions For Filling PAN Form (49A)

The following are the Instructions to be followed while you are filling the PAN form 49A. After you read the PAN Card Details, applicants must also go through the following points. If you have a glance at the PAN Instructions given below you can easily fill the form 49A without any confusion. Try to avoid the mistakes while you enter your details, because the Income tax department may reject your form. Everything you mention in the form must be clear and understandable.

Steps for filling PAN Card Application Form

  •  The PAN card form 49A is to be filed only in English.
  • The boxes are provided to enter the name, in each box you have to enter only one character (number/ alphabet/ punctuation signs).
  • You have to remember that after every word there is a need to leave a block.
  • All the fields marked as (“*“) are mandatory to fill.
  • Applicants have to enter the PAN Jurisdiction details like A.O code, ward, A.O address. So, you can obtain such PAN Card Details from the Income tax department or through Know your Jurisdiction.
  • Request of the new PAN card/ or changes in PAN/ corrections in PAN data, you have to enter the same Permanent account number.
  • All the PAN card applicants who are individuals must fill the PAN card holder name in the block/ capital letters only.
  • The full name block is divided into 3 i.e, Last name/ surname, First Name, middle name.
  • Individual Applicants must avoid entering the abbreviations in the First name, Last/ surname.
  • The PAN card applicants who are Non- individuals must write their full name starting from the first block  i.e, Last Name/ surname.
  • If the non-individual applicant name is long, you can continue in the middle and first blocks.
  • If the applicant is HUF ( Hindu undivided family), they have to mention HUF after the full name.
  • In the case of a company, the name should be without abbreviations.
  • For eg, Private Limited’ viz. Pvt Ltd, Private Ltd.  It should be mentioned as ‘Private Limited’ only.
  • If the application is the category of the Sole proprietorship, then he should enter his/her own name.
  • All the categories of PAN card applicants should mention prefix title such as Kumari, Shri, Smt, Major, M/s, Dr, etc.
  • The full name you enter in the PAN card application form will be printed on the PAN card.
  • Then, coming to the Gender field, which is mandatory. In the case of other than Male, female you have to leave the blank empty.
  • Date of birth format is DD/MM/YYYY. Do not mention future Date.
  • The details of the parents in the PAN card application are Mother name, Father name.
  • Fathers name is mandatory as it is available in the PAN card.
  • Married women who apply for the PAN card must enter her fathers’ name but not husbands name.
  • The address for communication may be a Residential address (R) or the Office address (O).
  • For all the Individuals, Non – Individuals, HUF, AOP, BOI or AJP the residential address is mandatory. Therefore, PAN card is sent to the address mentioned in the address for communication field.
  • The PAN card address details must contain, Town/City/District, State/Union Territory, & Pincode.
  • In case if the applicant address is outside of India, it is mandatory to provide country name along with ZIP code.
  • Email id and Telephone number fields are mandatory in PAN card application 49A form.
  • Status of the applicant is mandatory of all categories of PAN card applicants.
  • Source of Income, Aadhaar number fields are mandatory to all PAN card applicants.
  • Finally, attach POA, POI, PODB to the PAN application form 49A.

How to Cancel/ Surrender Duplicate PAN Card?

Do you have more than one PAN card? Immediately click on the link below and find the procedure. PAN card cancellation process is clearly available on our page. Once go through the steps and apply for PAN Card cancellation in a simple way. Duplicate PAN card holders can apply for Online PAN card cancellation or Offline PAN card cancellation. As per the section 272B of Income-tax Act, 1961, all the duplicate/ extra/ additional PAN card holders are imposed with a penalty of RS.10, 000/-.

Hence to avoid such penalties surrender your duplicate PAN card as soon as possible. Just write a request letter to the PAN jurisdictional A.O officer, that you want to cancel the PAN card through offline. The necessary PAN Card details that has to be written in the letter are assessee name, address, duplicate PAN details etc. Then, you have to visit the assessee office and submit the cancellation form. If you opt the process of online PAN card cancellation you can go to the cancellation PAN Card Details page on our site.

Click here for PAN Card Cancellation

PAN card for Minors

Some people think that only the individuals can apply for PAN Card when he/she completed 18 years of age. But you can also apply PAN Card for the children whose age is below 18 years. That PAN Card is called as Minor PAN Card. The Department of Income tax provides the Minor PAN card without any problem. In some cases like if you want to make your child as a nominee of your investments like stock, Financial Matters, and Property. Thus, in that case, you have to get Minor PAN Card to your child. Also if you want to make any investments in the name of your Child then also you need Minor PAN Card. Once the PAN card is issued it will act as one of the identity proofs.

When your child attains maturity then the Minor PAN Card should be updated will all required details with photo and sign. For that, we have provided the PAN card details on our site. Thus, you can complete the application process either by online or offline. So, after you pay the application fee, you will get an acknowledgment number. By using that acknowledgment number you can track your PAN Card Status.Thus, you can know about PAN Card details from this page.

Click here for PAN card Minor Application form

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